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CMI Institutions


Education is being the charisma of the CMI congregation, its members have been well trained and specialized in teaching at all levels of education from its very inception. The CMI congregation has the tradition and reputation of one and a half century (150 years) in the field of education.

In India, the CMI congregation is running 510 schools, 1 university, 2 medical colleges, 2 engineering colleges, 17 university colleges, 9 parallel and B. Ed. Colleges, 48 hospitals and dispensaries, 129 social services and rural development centres, 1 science research centre, 16 printing houses and publications, 13 periodicals, 1 daily news paper and numerous charitable institutions.

As a Christian, catholic school, saint Mary’s strives to develop not only physical, intellectual, artistic and cultural aptitudes of children, but also their character, from the earliest stages by inculcating sound moral principals which are meant to help them grow up as good children of god and worthy, responsible citizens of our country.